Bicester Living is a partnership of two couples – Andy & Vashti Bedwell and Mike & Clare Hedgecox.  We are all professional, full time landlords who take pride in what we do.  Our Bicester story started in 2012 when we bought our first house with a mission to create high quality, shared housing to meet the needs of this rapidly growing town.  Since then, we have enjoyed transforming bricks and mortar into great homes for people to live, meet new friends and socialise.

We’re all passionate about what we do and seek to be the “Best in Bicester” both in terms of the homes we provide and the way we run them.  We own and operate all aspects of the business so we have a real stake in making sure things run smoothly and dealing quickly with any issues that arise.

Andy and Mike have loved swapping their corporate worlds for maintenance toolkits whilst Vashti and Clare could spend hours chatting to housemates and getting the house design just right.

We’d be delighted to meet you, show you around or answer any questions so please do get in touch…..


We, as landlords, want to offer the best and to do this we look after our properties personally. We live nearby and ensure we meet every new tenant to ensure they will fit in our community of housemates. We don’t use agencies to find our housemates, we do it all ourselves as we think personal involvement is the key to being the best.


Thank you very much for accommodating me this last year. I couldn’t have asked for a better room or better landlords!
— Deji